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Manor Community Primary

Our Staff

Heads of School

Mrs N. Hill
Mrs I. Naidu

Assistant Heads of School

Mrs L. Jones
Miss M. Judd


Mrs V. Brooke
Mrs T. Purl - SEN H.L.T.A

Class Teachers

Nursery - Miss L. Ault, Mrs S. Evenson
Reception - Miss K. Degnin (Phase Leader), Miss L. Evennett, Miss S. McNamara and Miss Z. Boniface
Year 1 - Mrs S. Kainth, Miss S. Naidu and Miss L. Begley-Hunter
Year 2 - Miss M. Judd (Assistant Head of School), Miss D. Anderson and Miss A. Miah
Year 3 - Mrs C. Lake (Year Leader), Mrs N. Stone, Ms L. Francis, Miss K. Huntley and Mrs S. Newman, Miss H Strong
Year 4 - Mrs C Horton (Year Leader), Ms N. Grace, Mr R. Trainer, Miss S. Montague and Mrs N. Croucher
Year 5 - Mrs L. Jones (Assistant Head of School), Mr S. Harfield, Miss J. Richards, Mrs C. Mian and Miss M. Peters
Year 6 - Miss R. Foster (Year Leader), Mrs J. Saunders, Miss R. Halpin and Miss A. Fewtrell 

Office Staff

Mrs S. Harrison
Mrs K. King
Mrs C. Mumford
Ms Y. Berry

Mr B Longworth - Director of IT

Family Support Team

Mrs M. Rothwell
Mrs C. Brine
Mrs C. Adamson

Teaching Assistants and Cover Supervisors

Mrs K. Allart
Mrs C. Allen
Mrs S. Andrews
Mrs L. Bresser
Miss V. Bright
Mrs L. Brockwell
Miss C. Buckley
Mrs C. Cane
Mrs V. Cunningham
Mrs K. Dunsdon
Mrs K. Freed
Miss M. Hutson
Miss N. Inwood
Mrs K. Kingston
Mrs K. Latimer
Mrs T. Longhurst
Mrs R. Ludhar
Mrs A. Lyons
Mrs C. Lynn
Mrs S. Lynn
Mrs J. Meekcomes
Mrs A. Melton
Miss C. Powell
Miss L. Pritchard
Mrs L. Ripley
Mrs A. Scott
Mrs J. Scott
Mrs S. Tate
Mrs E. Thomas
Mrs C. Weller

Caretaking and Cleaning

Mr M. Shuttlewood
Mr M. English
Mrs E. Kaja 

Midday Supervisors

KS1 Midday Supervisors

Mrs A. Gibson
Mrs H. Lloyd
Miss L. Small
Miss E. Martin
Mrs H. Hayat

KS2 Midday Supervisors

Mrs S.Bull
Miss C. Costen
Mrs S. Doherty
Mrs L. Murphy
Mrs A. Odukomaiya
Mrs Y. Okudan
Mrs S. Swift