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Manor Community Primary


Manor Community Primary School uses the Read Write Inc phonics scheme.

What is Read Write Inc?

  • A systematic approach to teaching phonics
  • We teach the sounds first in a specific order
  • We then teach your children to blend those sounds together in order to read words
  • The children read words in the matched Storybooks. Each Storybook is carefully matched to the sounds they can already read - setting them up for success. 

What is systematic phonics?

  • Phonics is the method of teaching reading through the identification of sounds and graphemes.
  • All words are made up of sounds e.g. in ‘mat’ we have the sounds ‘m’, ‘a’, ‘t’.
  • A grapheme is another name for the letters we use to write the sound.
  • We teach phonics so that your children will have the tools to read any word. 
  • In English we have more than 150 ways to represent 44 sounds, using the 26 letters in the alphabet.  This means we have to group letters together to write some sounds, such as ‘igh’ in night.
  • We use this Speed Sounds Chart in Phonics lessons - it shows the most common graphemes for each sound. 

 Blending and Fred Talk

Feel free to have a look at the Read Write Inc website

  • Once the children know the pure sounds, we teach them to blend sounds to read words. We also teach children to spell the words they learn to read
  • We use Fred Talk to help children read and spell words.
  • Fred is a frog who can only speak in sounds, and we call this Fred Talk. For example ‘m’ ‘a’ ‘t’, ‘l’ ‘u’ ‘n’ ‘ch’.
  • He helps children sound out words so they can read and spell.